Creating Magical Moments with Bars and Barback Rentals from Sundance Events, Mansfield, TX



Every event is a new opportunity to create lasting memories. Whether it's a simple gathering, a significant birthday party, or a grand wedding, a well-appointed bar can make all the difference. It can be the centerpiece that brings your event to life. From Mansfield, TX, and beyond, Sundance Events is your trusted partner in transforming these moments into magic with their exceptional bar and barback rentals.

The Magic Behind Bars and Barback Rentals

A bar, more than just a place to serve drinks, is a social hub where guests mingle and form connections. Its design and position can reflect the event's theme, enhancing the overall atmosphere. But behind a great bar lies a great barback. A barback is not just a bartender's right hand but an essential part of the visual appeal and practical organization of the bar area. Sundance Events knows this all too well, offering top-of-the-line bars and barback rentals in Mansfield, TX.

Sundance Events: Mansfield's Trusted Bar and Barback Rentals Provider

From portable bars to custom-designed barbacks, Sundance Events provides a range of high-quality options to match your event's unique style. Each bar is designed with attention to detail and an understanding of the different roles a bar plays at an event - from creating an aesthetic focal point to ensuring smooth service flow.

Highlighting Some Bars and Barbacks Options at Sundance Events 

Discovering the right bar and barback for your event begins with understanding the diverse options available at Sundance Events. From the chic 48-inch Portable Bar White, perfect for intimate outdoor parties, to the sophisticated Avenue Collection Bars with varying frame and insert options, there's something to suit every taste and occasion.

More Than Just Bar and Barback Rentals

Sundance Events is not just about bar and barback rentals. As Mansfield's trusted event rentals provider, they offer a variety of party rentals, including chair rentals, table rentals, bounce house rentals, and more. Whether you need to hire servers, plan a themed party, or source a mobile bar, Sundance Events has you covered.


Whether you're in Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, or anywhere in the greater TX area, Sundance Events is committed to making your event memorable. With their exceptional customer service, diverse rental options, and reliable delivery service, they're the go-to event rentals provider for many. So, why not let Sundance Events make magic at your next event?

Remember to request a quote online, review their varied selection, and check their competitive pricing. Because with Sundance Events, you're not just hiring a rental service; you're setting the stage for a truly unforgettable event. Contact us for more information.


Q: Do you offer bar and bartender hire in Mansfield, TX?

  •  A: Yes, we provide both bar rentals and professional bartender hire services in Mansfield, TX.

Q: Apart from bar rentals, what other party rentals do you offer?

  •  A: We offer a wide range of party rentals including chair rentals, table rentals, bounce house rentals, and more.

Q: Do you have mobile bars available for hire?

 A: Absolutely! Our mobile bars are perfect for outdoor events and can easily be set up at your desired location.

Q: Can we hire servers from Sundance Events?

 A: Yes, we have professional servers available for hire to help your event run smoothly.

Q: Do you provide slide rentals for parties?

 A: Yes, we have a variety of fun and exciting slide rentals available that are guaranteed to make your party unforgettable.

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