Elevate Your Event with Dance Floor Rentals from Sundance Events


When it comes to hosting an event in Mansfield, TX, creating the right atmosphere is key to ensuring your guests have a memorable time. One of the best ways to encourage interaction and fun is by incorporating a dance floor, alongside inflatable games and bounce house rentals for a well-rounded entertainment experience. Sundance Events, a premier party rental service in Mansfield, also extends its services to Arlington, offering a wide range of dance floor rentals to suit any event, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations with the addition of chair and table rentals. Let's dive into how a dance floor can transform your next event and why Sundance Events is your go-to provider.

Why Opt for a Dance Floor Rental?

  • Sets the Tone: A dance floor invites guests to let loose and enjoy the event, setting a lively and festive tone.
  • Versatile, catering not just to dance floor needs but also offering chair and table rentals for any party or event.: Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or backyard party, a dance floor is always a welcome addition.
  • Customizable to any event needs, including chair rentals for complete seating solutions, and game rentals for added entertainment.: With various sizes and styles available, you can choose a dance floor that complements your event’s theme and space, alongside inflatable bounce houses to add an extra layer of fun.

Sundance Events: Your Dance Floor Rental Solution in Mansfield

Wide Selection of Dance Floors

  • Sundance Events offers dance floors in various sizes and finishes, including elegant dark maple, classic white, and vibrant LED options, ensuring the perfect match for your event’s aesthetic.

Hassle-Free Installation

  • The team at Sundance Events takes care of the delivery, setup, and takedown of the dance floor, as well as offering chair and bounce house rentals, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your event planning.

Safety and Quality

  • All dance floors are meticulously maintained, ensuring they are safe and in excellent condition for your event.

Choosing the Right Dance Floor

Consider Your Venue

  • The size and location of your venue play a crucial role in determining the appropriate dance floor size and type.

Guest Count

  • Estimate the number of guests to ensure the dance floor can accommodate a good portion of your party at any given time.

Event Theme

  • Select a dance floor that aligns with your event’s theme for a cohesive look and feel, and consider enhancing the arrangement with chair and table rentals for a seamless party or event experience.

Dance Floor Options from Sundance Events

  • Dark Maple and White Dance Floors: Ideal for elegant weddings and sophisticated events, available in sizes ranging from 12x12 to 21x21. Don't forget to inquire about our table rentals for your dining needs.
  • Infinity LED Dance Floor: A showstopper piece perfect for parties and celebrations looking to create a memorable experience with the inclusion of game rentals to engage guests of all ages.
  • Sub Floors and bounce house rentals: A showstopper piece perfect for parties and celebrations looking to create a memorable experience.: Available for uneven or outdoor surfaces, ensuring stability and safety.

Making Your Event Unforgettable

A dance floor does more than just provide a space for dancing; it encourages guests to interact, celebrate, and create lasting memories. Consider adding inflatable games to the mix for an exciting and interactive component. Sundance Events understands the importance of these moments and is dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable dance floor rentals in Mansfield, TX.

Sundance Events: Beyond Dance Floors

In addition to dance floors, Sundance Events offers a comprehensive range of party rentals, including tents, chairs, extreme rides, interactive games, bounce houses, water slides, concession machines, dunk tanks, generators, and heating and cooling rentals. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes Sundance Events a one-stop shop for all your event rental needs in Mansfield and the surrounding areas.


Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or any celebration in Mansfield, TX, a dance floor rental from Sundance Events can significantly enhance your event's atmosphere. With their wide selection, commitment to safety, and hassle-free service, Sundance Events ensures your event is not just an occasion but an experience to remember. Don't hesitate to contact us for chair and table rentals, making planning your event in Arlington easier. Elevate your next event with a dance floor that invites joy, celebration, and dance-filled moments for you and your guests. Complement this with our bounce house rentals for birthday parties to ensure a delightful experience for all ages.

For more information on dance floor rentals and to make your event truly special, contact Sundance Events today or give us a call to discuss how we can cater to all your party needs. Let them help you create an unforgettable event experience in Mansfield, TX.


FAQs on Dance Floor Rentals from Sundance Events

1. What types of dance floors does Sundance Events offer?

Sundance Events provides a variety of dance floor options including elegant dark maple, classic white, and vibrant LED floors suitable for both indoor and outdoor events in Mansfield, TX.

2. Can Sundance Events install dance floors outdoors?

Yes, Sundance Events can install dance floors outdoors. They offer sub floors to ensure stability and safety for your outdoor event, making your dance floor experience seamless.

3. How do I choose the right size dance floor for my event?

The right size depends on your guest count and venue size. A good rule of thumb is to estimate that 30-50% of your guests will be dancing at any given time. Sundance Events can help recommend the perfect size based on your specific event details.

4. Does the rental include setup and breakdown?

Yes, Sundance Events provides complete setup and breakdown services for all dance floor rentals, ensuring a hassle-free experience for event planners and hosts.

5. Are the LED dance floors safe to use and dance on?

Absolutely. The LED dance floors provided by Sundance Events are designed with safety and durability in mind, featuring a slip-resistant surface and sturdy construction to ensure a safe dancing environment for all your guests.

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