Dunk Tank Rentals: How to Add Excitement and Fundraising Potential to Your Event with Sundance Events



If you're planning a party, carnival, or event in Arlington, Texas, chances are you're looking for something fun, engaging, and a little out of the ordinary to spice things up. Sundance Events, a leader in event rentals in the Arlington area, has just the ticket for you - dunk tank rentals! These incredibly popular attractions are not only a ton of fun but also a great way to raise funds for your cause.

Why Rent a Dunk Tank?

Dunk tanks are a staple at fairs, school carnivals, and many other types of events. There's a simple reason for this: they are crowd-pleasers. Dunk tanks create a spectacle that's entertaining to watch and even more exciting to participate in. Who wouldn't enjoy the chance to dunk their friend, boss, teacher, or family member?

Our dunk tanks feature a 500-gallon tank where the 'dunkee' sits precariously above the water on a collapsing seat. Players aim and throw a ball at a target, trying to hit it and dunk the participant into the tank. Each rental comes with everything you need (except the water), and it's suitable for all age groups. However, only those 18 years and above can be dunked, ensuring safety for all participants.

The joy of a dunk tank isn't just in the splash, but in the anticipation, the friendly rivalry, and the infectious laughter that fills the air. Dunk tanks add an element of interactive fun to any event that other forms of entertainment can't match.

Fundraising Potential

Dunk tanks aren't just about fun; they're also an excellent tool for fundraising. Whether you're raising money for a local charity, a sports team, a church, or a school, a dunk tank can help. Participants can donate a certain amount to get a chance to dunk a friend or a local celebrity. The more popular the person on the dunk seat, the more money you're likely to raise! This method has proven time and time again to be a successful and enjoyable way to hit your fundraising goals.

Renting Dunk Tanks with Sundance Events

When it comes to renting dunk tanks in Texas, Sundance Events is your go-to option. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality rentals at affordable prices, ensuring you don't have to blow your entire event budget on entertainment. Our customer service is unrivaled, and we strive to make the rental process as simple and stress-free as possible.

We have different dunk tanks for rent, but one that stands out is our Dunk Tank with Splash Window. This fantastic unit features a safety fence surrounding the dunking victim, a vinyl ball stop, and a clear plexiglass window. The audience gets an underwater view of the 'dunkee' making a splash! This dunk tank is perfect for corporate parties, school field days, church picnics, and is a great money maker for festivals and carnivals.

More Than Just Dunk Tanks

While dunk tanks are a fantastic addition to any event, Sundance Events offers even more. When the Texas sun is heating up, and you're looking to cool down, we've got you covered. We offer an array of water slides, turning your backyard into a tropical oasis and ensuring the heat doesn't move your party indoors. We provide several different sizes and fun themes to suit all types of events.

Additionally, we supply a full range of party rentals for any event. From dance floors and bars to LED games and table games, we've got everything you need to make your event outstanding. Our inventory is perfect for any event - be it a wedding, a college graduation party, a church event, a corporate picnic, or a homeowners association event.

Your Event Partner in Arlington, TX

At Sundance Events, we believe that each event is unique, and we strive to provide the best service and rentals to make your party stand out. Our team is ready to help you plan and execute a successful and memorable event, whether it's a small backyard gathering or a large corporate event.

Renting a dunk tank from Sundance Events is an easy, cost-effective, and fun way to add a bit of excitement to your summer event. With our help, you can create magical moments for you and your guests, while also potentially raising funds for a good cause.

Contact us today, and let's get your party dunking!


  1. What is a dunk tank rental?

    • A dunk tank rental is a service where a dunk tank is provided for use at an event. Sundance Events provides this service in Arlington, TX.

  2. Why should I rent a dunk tank for my event?

    •  Dunk tanks add a fun, interactive element to any event. They're great for fundraising, causing laughter, and creating memorable moments.

  3. How much does it cost to rent a dunk tank in Arlington, TX?

    •  Costs vary based on the length of rental and specific needs. Contact Sundance Events for the most accurate pricing information for dunk tank rentals.

  4. What does the dunk tank rental include?

    •  The rental includes the dunk tank and all necessary equipment, except for the water. You'll need to provide the water source to fill the tank.

  5. Can anyone be dunked in the dunk tank?

    •  While anyone can attempt to dunk someone, only individuals 18 years or older can be dunked for safety reasons.

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