Table and Chair Rentals in Arlington, TX: Your Guide to Perfect Party Planning


Planning a party in Arlington, TX, and looking for the best table and chair rentals? Whether it's a grand wedding, a corporate event, or a backyard birthday bash, having the right furniture is crucial for the comfort and enjoyment of your guests. In this guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about table and chair rentals in Arlington, TX, including tips on choosing the right rental company, like Sundance Events, to make your party a memorable one.

Understanding the Importance of Quality Rentals

When it comes to party planning, comfort and aesthetics play a significant role. Quality table and chair rentals not only provide comfort to your guests but also enhance the overall ambiance of your event.

Choosing the Right Tables and Chairs

  • Event Type: The nature of your event dictates the style of tables and chairs you need. For formal events like weddings, elegant banquet chairs and round tables are ideal, whereas for casual events, folding chairs and picnic tables might be more suitable.
  • Theme and Decor: Ensure your table and chair rentals complement the event's theme and decor. For instance, chiavari chairs are perfect for elegant, sophisticated themes.
  • Space and Layout: Consider the space available at your venue. Round tables generally take up more space than rectangular ones.

Sundance Events: Your Go-To Rental Company in Arlington, TX

Sundance Events, located in the heart of Arlington, TX, offers a wide range of party rentals, including tables and chairs that cater to various event styles and sizes.

  • Variety and Quality: From classic folding chairs to stylish banquet chairs, and from round tables to long banquet tables, they have everything to meet your event needs.
  • Cleanliness and Maintenance: All rental items are well-maintained, cleaned, and sanitized, ensuring they are event-ready upon delivery.



Why Choose Sundance Events?

  • Customer Service: Known for their exceptional customer service, Sundance Events ensures a hassle-free rental experience.
  • Delivery and Setup: They offer delivery, setup, and breakdown services, making your event planning smoother.
  • Competitive Pricing: With competitive pricing, they provide value without compromising on quality.

Additional Party Rentals Offered

Beyond tables and chairs, Sundance Events also offers a range of party rentals to enhance your event:

  • Tent Rentals: Perfect for outdoor events in Arlington’s unpredictable weather.
  • Linen Rentals: Add elegance with a variety of linen options to dress up your tables.
  • Inflatable Party Magic: Ideal for children's parties or family-oriented events.

Planning a Party in Arlington, TX

When planning your event in Arlington or nearby areas like Grand Prairie and Mansfield, Texas, consider the following:

  • Venue Size: Choose rentals that fit comfortably within your venue.
  • Guest Count: Ensure you have enough tables and chairs for all your guests.
  • Budget: Plan your budget for rentals and look for packages that offer savings.

Making Your Party Memorable with Sundance Events

Sundance Events goes beyond just providing rental furniture. They help in creating an atmosphere that resonates with your event's theme, ensuring every detail is taken care of.

Contact Us for Your Next Event

Ready to make your party in Arlington, TX, a hit? Check out Sundance Events for your table and chair rental needs. With their wide range of options and commitment to quality, they are equipped to make your event planning a breeze.


Table and chair rentals are essential elements of any successful event in Arlington, TX. By choosing a reliable rental company like Sundance Events, you ensure your guests' comfort and contribute significantly to the overall success of your event. Remember, the right furniture can transform any space into an inviting and memorable setting for your special occasion.


Q: What types of chairs are available for rent in Arlington, TX?

A: Sundance Events offers folding chairs, banquet chairs, and stylish chiavari chairs suitable for various events.

Q: Can I rent tables for an outdoor event in Arlington?

A: Yes, Sundance Events provides durable tables perfect for outdoor events, including round, rectangular, and banquet styles.

Q: Does Sundance Events offer linen rentals with tables?

A: Absolutely! Sundance Events offers a variety of linen rentals to complement your table setup.

Q: Are the rental items delivered and set up?

A: Yes, Sundance Events offers delivery, setup, and breakdown services for all rentals in Arlington and surrounding areas.

Q: Can I get a tent rental along with tables and chairs?

A: Yes, Sundance Events also provides tent rentals to accommodate outdoor events of all sizes.

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